Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just the basics...


I`m finally here.

After almost a year of waitng, thinking, and reflecting... I am finally here in Paraguay. I have so much I would like to share about my experience here, and why I decided to joing the Peace Corps in the first place. Now that I have this blog up and running, I will try my best to give frequent updates on my status... as well as share some of my thoughts about my training, service, and life in general.

But first, the basics.

Currently, I am trainging to become a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guarambare, Paraguay (which is about an hour outside of the capital city of Asuncion). My training will last until August, at which point (if all goes well) I will be sworn in as a Peace Corps Voltunteer, and sent off to live on my own for the next two years. Exciting, I know.

During training, I will be living with a host family. My family is the Sosa-Torres family. I have two parents, Zulmira and Pedro, and three siblings; Pedro Jr. 24, Anna 21, and Milagros 11. My training group, G27, consists of 18 trainees from all over the US. I am very exctied to get to know all of them over the next three months... they will be family away from home while in Paraguay.

So, those are the basics!

Till next time... Chau.

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