Friday, June 5, 2009

This is why I joined the Peace Corps.

Photo Blog! Just wanted to share something visual to help explain why I love my job. Enjoy!

Ahecha Paraguay:

Ahecha Paraguay aims to develop the creativity and self-expression that exists inside each young Paraguayan individual, through the tool of photography.

From February 2008 through May 2009, over 400 Paraguayan youth and adult facilitators in 44 communities throughout the country are participating in the project's cycle, through:

· community photography instruction workshops and exhibits
· inter-community exchanges
· a collective cultural excursion
· a national exhibition series in the capital city of Asuncion

Ahehca (Guarani for 'I see') is a subcommitee of the Peace Corps Paraguay commitee CoCuMu (Compartiendo Cultura Mundial). This year was very exciting for me, not only because it was my first year working in the commitee, but because I got a chance to design this year's national exhibit. The theme chosen was bamboo, an increasingly popular and versitile plant. This years exhibit will be in five location between May 18 and August 24, 2009. Locations include: Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano (CCPA), Villa Morra Shopping Center, The U.S. embassy, Alianza Francesa, and the Terminal de Omnibus de Asuncion.

There were 47 photos chosen for this year's exhibit. Half were placed on walls made of bamboo sheets, and the other half in bamboo frames.

Chris and Jesus, two of the super guapo PCVs that helped me out.

One of the bamboo walls, with the framed photos in the background, at the CCPA opening night banquet.

Ahecha Paraguay at the CCPA.

Sadiya and me!

If you would like to see all of the photos from this years exhibit, please visit:

San Pedro RVAC (Regional Volunteer Action Committee... the volunteers that live in my region), sleep over at my house! (We like to pick our noses)

Ahendu (Guarani for 'I hear') is another sub committee of CoCuMu that aims to share American and Paraguayan music. Every four months, we host concerts were PVCs and Paraguayans can perform live. Our last concert raised Gs 3,000,000 ($600)!!!!

Michael Jackson Paraguayo performed... he was actually REALLY good.

There are so many things we take for granted as Americans, one of which is clean running water.

After years of hard work, fighting corrupt politics, and A LOT of elbo grease, my counterpart's barrio has running water.

There were no professional engineers out there... these were my neighbors in the hot sun, building everything themselves.

Of course, the ladies were there for moral support.

Right after the water was turned on for the first time.

Three year old Danny, loving the cold water!

Fiesta Patronal in a neighboring compania.

Jazmin and Rocio.

Me, hard at work, making a sign for my community center.

My community center!

My English class for teens.

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